BREVA hexapod product for high accuracy positioning
positioning hexapod
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vacuum hexapod system

What is a hexapod?

A hexapod consists of a parallel kinematic system allowing the motion and positioning of objects in space following the six Degrees of Freedom (6 DOF: Rx, Ry, Rz, Tx, Ty, Tz).

What kind of applications?

Thanks to its kinematics, this system can be used for high accuracy positioning or measurement systems following the 6 DOF.
Equipped of six actuators, hexapods can generate strong motions to proceed dynamic tests of materials, products and swell simulation.
This system has a lot of applications in various domains like: naval, optics, space, aeronautics, automobile, synchrotrons...

Which advantages ?

  • 6 Degrees of Freedom
  • High speed and velocity with high payload
  • No cumulating errors
  • High resolution performances
  • Good ration weight / stiffness
  • Adaptable movements' rotation center 
  • No moving cables
  • Less defaults due to mechanical assembly

SYMETRIE helps you to succeed in your positioning and motion projects.


Our team of engineers works closely with you to offer the optimal solution to your specific needs.

High precision positioning systems

BORA is a miniature hexapod for the positioning and adjustment of precision elements with a resolution of 0.5 µm. It meets the most demanding criteria of theBORA hexapod optics and nanotechnologies in terms of resolution, accuracy, stability and size. Its dimensions allows an integration in a small invironment, for instance at the tip of a goniometer for an application on synchrotron. 

BREVA is a well-designed hexapod for the positioning and adjustment of precision elements following the 6 DOF. BREVA has been specially developed to provide angular accuracy. It allows angular positioning of objects like probe or sensors with 0.01° accuracy.

SIRIUS is a high accuracy hexapod. It allows the adjustment of objects with a payload of 60 kg with high resolutions. SIRIUS meets the highest standards during the phases of testing and adjustment in the areas of optics, aerospace or even aeronautics.

SONORA is a manual hexapod for the adjustment and static positioning of high payloads following the 6 DOF. This type of hexapod can adjust a few grams to a few tons. SYMETRIE realized a specific SONORA adjusting 17 tons of payload with 0,5 mm accuracy. (see application).

A specific software...

  • Display system states

  • Advanced manual control mode

  • Sequence control mode

  • 3D position display

  • System configuration (speed, user limits, center of rotation...).

... or a standalone system

  • An application programming interface dedicated (API)

  • Serial RS-232 or Ethernet interface

  • Full access to control mode, system states, parameter

  • Open architecture system.

High speed hexapod systems

MISTRAL is a dynamic hexapod for the motion and simulation of high payloads following the 6 DOF. With efficient mechanical components and a robust structure, MISTRAL allows the motion generation for payloads up to 1 ton on large travel ranges (470 mm of linear travel range).

SIROCCO is a powerful hexapod for the motion and simulation of payloads up to 2 tons following the 6 DOF.


AQUILON is the most powerful hexapod of SYMETRIE's range. It is designed to move high payloads up to 6 tons following the 6 DOF.


A specific software

  • Displays of current position

  • Motion file reading & playing

  • Direct command of the motion.

For specific needs

Our experience in the hexapod technology and metrology allows us to answer quickly and clearly to specific requests and needs in positioning or simulation.

For high accuracy positioning

Metrology is our job. Each engineer is a metrologist who also manages mechanics, motion control and development software. 

Positioning applications 

  • High payload adjustment

  • High payload positioning 

  • Optical micro-positioning 

  • Optical adjustment

  • Optical qualification bench 

  • Antenna qualification

  • Vacuum positioning.  

Dynamic hexapods 

The architecture of a hexapod is composed of a top platform, a bottom platform and 6 high precision electrical actuators mounted together to realize the 6 axis motions. The payload is fixed on the top frame. The actuators are linked to the frames by precision manufactured joints to provide a stiff and stable platform. Each actuator comprises a precision ball screw driven by a motor with position feedback. The combination of high-resolution position sensor and low backlash allow high fidelity positioning.

Motion applications

  • Motion simulation

  • Swell simulation 

  • High payload positioning

  • Inertial central testing 

  • Motor bench testing 

  • Driving simulation.